From 2000 to Now Beyoncé’s Best Hairstyles

Beyoncé is many things: a killer musician, a talented actress, a role model, a diva — the list keeps going. She’s also, undeniably, the queen of hair transformations, having experimented with nearly every style in the book over the past two decades (her beauty evolution ain’t bad, either). In honor of her 36th birthday, we’re taking a look back on how her hair game has evolved. From white-blonde cornrows to baby bangs to thigh-length gladiator braids, here are some of Bey’s most memorable hair looks throughout the years. All hail!

2000: Crimped and Multicolored
For the 2000 MTV Movie Awards, Bey hit the red carpet rocking long, crimped locks with multi-tonal blonde and brown highlights. Though we’re not usually huge fans of the crimped look, Bey makes it work.

2001: Cornrows
The Rapunzel-esque “Formation” ‘do may be one of Bey’s most iconic braided styles, but it’s just a fresh take on one of her signature throwback looks. This two-toned style was her go-to in 2001, complete with silver-blonde highlights and a lot of healthy-looking shine.

2002: Caramel Curls
In 2002, Bey made her box office debut in the Austin Powers flick Goldmember, playing Foxxy Cleopatra. The Destiny’s Child songstress paid homage to her role throughout much of 2002, sporting a loose, shoulder-length caramel-colored afro — one of her most memorable hair looks ever.