From 2000 to Now Beyoncé’s Best Hairstyles

    2007: Two-Toned Spiral Curls
    Queen B changes her hair so often, but we love her best when she’s rocking some serious texture. While the color could be a bit more cohesive (the warm, reddish brown atop the inky black is a bit jarring), the flirty, textured curls are a total slam dunk.

    2008: Half-Up Teased Bouffant
    In 2008, Bey released “Single Ladies,” the (unofficial) jam of the decade. Throughout much of the year, she banked on her success, sporting the same slicked-back bouffant worn in the now-iconic “Single Ladies” music video. Snooki, take notes: This is how a teased updo should look.

    2009: Slicked-Back Pony
    At the 81st Annual Academy Awards in 2009, Beyoncé stepped out sporting a sleek, shiny ponytail curled to perfection. Honey-toned highlights completed the elegant look, which perfectly flattered her strapless dress and pared-down makeup.

    2010: Straight, Sparkly, Side-Parted Strands
    Beyoncé practically owned the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards in 2010. Not only did she take home a record-setting six Grammys (including Song of the Year for “Single Ladies”), but she did it while rocking a killer caramel-colored ‘do, worn straight in a deep side part and highlighted with iridescent strands of silver tinsel. Sparkle on, Queen B.