From 2000 to Now Beyoncé’s Best Hairstyles

2011: Loose, Layered Side Ponytail
Another memorable red carpet look comes courtesy of the 2011 Video Music Awards. Bey wore her newly-lightened hair in an effortless, textured side pony, pulled into a deep side part — the perfect style to put her bajillion-karat diamond drop earrings on full display.

2012: Blunt Bangs
Taking a 180 after her loose, low-key style of the previous year, Beyoncé experimented with blunt bangs and tight topknots throughout much of 2012. Now she looks better than in the past and we can eye her unique style. Original and inimitable!

2013: Old Hollywood Curls
In 2013, Bey ditched the blunt bangs in favor of bouncy, Old Hollywood–inspired curls with tons of shine. Though the look could use a bit more balance, the deep side part and bouncy, caramel colored curls made for a gorgeous red-carpet ‘do.

2014: Baby Bangs
Beyoncé made waves in 2014 when she stepped out sporting choppy, highlighted baby bangs. The unexpected look proved incredibly divisive: Some thought Bey looked flawless, as usual, while others felt the micro-fringe was less than flattering. No matter where you stand on the debate, you have to admit: The look was memorable.