The most trendy short hairstyles you’ll love for sure

Short cropped hair is a nice idea for your busy lifestyle. And you might be wondering, what to do in case of official occasions if you want to be glamorous and chic? There’s no problem at all. Get it pin-curled just like ’20s, it’s still on-trend. By the way, it is one of favorites of many iconic celebrities. All-day and all night your hairdo will be impeccable. Soft, gentle curls frame out your face and highlight your charm. But choose your hair dye thoroughly, as it is a cool way to play up your eyes color and your skin shade.

You must be an absolutely brave girl to do it. No, we don’t even mean to color your hair blue or green, but go bold. Almost bold. It is a great occasion for you if you are going in with sports or adventure travel. And be sure, it is the best way to show a tender woman hidden behind a brave Amazon. Definitely, this hairstyle is the best choice for modern free and independent ladies. This super-short cut may be framed by fun flippy frames – try a soft-hold formula to help them defy gravity. So if your spirit is wild and cool – shave your hair and have fun!

Lovely locks luckily is all the rage again. Most of the long-hair girls follow this fashionable tendency. So must short-hair do. Try different ways. First of all, simply swept bang curled as an S-shaped wave brings a gorgeous classic touch to your look. There are so many options for you to change your style: in the daytime, your hairdo may be a little bit shaggy and casual, but apply a little of stylish gel to fix your S-wave – and your style becomes classic and even chic. It’s absolutely stunning, isn’t it?

There’s lots of ways how to make your short hair sassy and sweet. But when it comes to naturally curly hair – it might be a problem to maintain the hairstyle. There’s a solution: just let it grow in the front and have a cute curly bangs, the rest may be layered. This hairdo may be quickly turned from casual into classic or chic one. It depends on you – either you don’t care about make-up and fixing formulas, or you prefer to use them a lot. Don’t forget to try earrings and necklaces – it is such a great option to highlight your unique style!

Whether it is short or middle, curly or straight – we adore bob anyway! And what can be better than bob with a bang? Especially when it’s strands and thick one. Aren’t you fond of it? If you choose this haircut, remember, it will take you up to five minutes to change your look from gamine and casual into classic and ladylike. Just try to make S-waves instead of a shaggy shock of hair. Or try a side bang. Obviously, this bob cut gives you a great many options, so create your unique style!